Alec Baldwin says he and wife Hilaria will have a fifth child together following miscarriage

The couple lost a baby in early 2019

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin aren’t done having kids. The couple, who welcomed their fourth child together in 2018, plan on expanding their family, according to the 30 Rock alum. “We have four kids. She wants to have another one. We’re having another one,” Alec said in a clip for Kevin Nealon's web series Hiking with Kevin. “We’re gonna have a fifth baby.” Though the dad of five clarified that his wife is not pregnant, yet, as far as he knows. “It’s in the oven?” Kevin asked, to which Alec replied, “No. No, no, no. Not that I know of.”


Alec Baldwin says he and Hilaria Baldwin will have a fifth child togetherVIEW GALLERY

Alec and Hilaria plan on having a fifth child together

Hilaria, 35, and the Saturday Night Live star, 61, are already parents to six-year-old daughter Carmen, and sons Romeo, 15 months, Leonardo, two, and Rafael, four. Alec is also a father to 23-year-old daughter IrelandThe Living Clearly Method author suffered a miscarriage earlier this year.

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In April, Hilaria shared a sonogram of the baby she lost writing, “When we choose to become parents, we take a big risk with our hearts. Never do we love so intensely—and this is scary, but so worth it. This time, when I opened my heart up to another baby, he or she didn’t stay very long. But I love this little soul deeply and wholly. We all have a purpose in life, and I believe my little one left positivity in it’s short life. I felt a deep provocation to share what was going on and, in being so open, some great conversations emerged."

Alec Baldwin says he and Hilaria Baldwin will have a fifth child togetherVIEW GALLERY

The 30 Rock alum, who is a dad to daughter Ireland from his first marriage, is already a father of five

She continued, “Creating a positive from a negative, this little flicker of life left it’s mark. This is an issue that so many suffer with in silence...because those are the rules we follow. As I have said to so many: this experience wasn’t just about me and my journey, it is about anyone, perhaps you, or someone you know, who has suffered a loss. It is about continuing a conversation, knowing we need not have shame or that we can heal...and those who will unfortunately follow will have a community to turn to.”

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Last year, Hilaria opened up to HOLA! USA about not closing up shop to have more kids. She explained, “Carmen really wants a sister, another sister. She wants a little sister because she has Ireland, who she’s very attached to. She wants a little sister who lives in the same house as her.”

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