It seemed that Rihanna had gotten a case of the social media famous filters fever (think FaceApp!), the kind that have gone viral over the summer. But that's not the case this time! Through her profile, the songstress shared a pic of a little girl who is the Umbrella singer's carbon copy. Even though netizens thought they were just seeing an old photo of the artist when she was younger, ‘RiRi’ left her fans astonished when she revealed that it was, in fact, not her!


Rihanna left her fans speechless when she shared a photo of her ‘mini-me’

In her profile, the Umbrella singer posted a pic of a girl who has the singer's same green eyes, similar hair color and confident gaze. It seems that Rihanna was so shocked by the likeness that she nearly dropped her cell phone. Her impression was so powerful that she wrote: “Almost drop my phone. How?”


She looks exactly like the songstress!

Some celebrities and colleagues reacted and teased the singer about the possibility of the little girl being Rihanna’s ‘secret daughter.' Rapper Snoop Dogg asked her if the girl was her daughter, while Priyanka Chopra Jonas reacted with utter astonishment.


‘RiRi’ was impressed by how similar this girl is to her

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So, who is this girl?

Rihanna tagged the picture to the girl’s mom, a woman named Bria Kay who has dozens of pictures of her child in her social media. The little girl’s name is Ala. As far as we know, ‘mini Rihanna’ is six years old and also has a social media of her own, where she proudly shared the comment Rihanna wrote about her.


Is fame in her future?

It seems that Ala’s life has changed dramatically since the songstress’ post. Now she introduces herself as a children's clothing model on her social media. Grateful for the 31-year-old artist, the little one wrote a message under her post. “Thank you, Rihanna, for sharing my photo. I always wanted to be a model!”

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