Cardi B, Anitta

Cardi B has this one rule before collaborating with Brazilian superstar Anitta

Anitta has called the 'Money' rapper one of her inspirations.

Cardi B and Anitta could be making music history! The Brazilian pop star took a shot and reached out to the Money rapper for the idea of a collaboration and it worked! “Okay @iamcardib After I passed out listening to u saying u would love to record with I gottaa say that I have the PERFECT track for us. I’ve seen you listening to Brazilian funk. The track is the best funk ever.” The Juego singer continued: “u tell how I send u and we make history for my country that also loves u like me.” It didn’t take long for the rapper to catch wind of the tweet. Cardi, who is no stranger to features on chart-topping hits, agreed, but with one stipulation.

Anitta got the attention of one of her idols and may have the oppurtunity to work with her

@Anitta only if you teach me Portuguese.” The challenge was gladly accepted by the star who already gave another iconic musician a lesson. “hahaha easyyy…I taught Madonna too for our funk together lol.” The 26-year-old singer recently opened up about the women who have inspired her sound on her latest album Kisses. “[I think of] Mariah Carey when I sing romantic [songs], she gets me inspired,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

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“And when I want to be strong, I think of Beyonce, for sure. When I want to be sexy with a [masculine] attitude, I think about Rihanna. When I want to have this teenage but funny way to be, I think about Ariana Grande. And, when I want to [channel] my sarcastic [side], I think about Cardi B, I love her so much. Each woman has something to show us, to teach us, so that's what I do.Following in the footsteps of Cardi, Anitta has already appeared on tracks with some of the biggest names in music.

Cardi B expressed her interest in working with Anitta but had one strict requirement before the two went on to make music history 

In 2019, Anitta has collaborated with Ozuna, Becky G, J Balvin and even Snoop Dogg. Last week, Cardi’s reign continued with her feature on the single South of the Border with Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello – who praised her verse for being "literally my favorite thing." 

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