Millie Bobbie Brown 'Stranger Things' challenge

Millie Bobby Brown´s viral retro-challenge makes Stranger Things fans go wild

'Stranger Things' actress Millie Bobby Brown's challenge has turned internet upside down. If you like classic 80s tunes, press play and turn the volume up!

It´s not the first time Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown joins a viral challenge. She already showed some proper dance moves with catchy Kiki Do You Love Me tune by Drake. But this new one is special. If you like all things 80s (and we assume you do because you're reading this), her new viral video will bring tears to your eyes. Millie has used a classic tune from that decade as a soundtrack of a dance routine inspired by the series. Fear not, there are no spoilers in here in case you still haven't watch the new season, we will just tell this song is also played in the show, as one of the many tributes included in the series to the past. Did you watch The Neverending Story when you were a kid? Did you absolutely love it? Then get ready, put the volume up, and join Eleven's challenge. 


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