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Pablo Lyle breaks his silence about deadly 'road rage' case

The Mexican telenovela actor and star of Netflix series Yankee spoke publicly for the first time outside court

Mexican actor Pablo Lyle, currently featured in Netflix series Yankee, attended a court hearing last week after being officially charged with involuntary manslaughter in May after 63-year-old Juan Hernández died as a result of an alleged "road rage" incident. The telenovela star, who is on house arrest, broke his silence outside the doors of Miami Dade Court to express his gratitude to fans for the support he has received. "This is the first time I'm talking," he said. "I just wanted to say thank you for the interest you have shown on the case, I really appreciate all the love I have received. There is a process underway and I can not talk much, but I wanted to thank you all." 

 The Mexican actor talked for the first time to media to thank for all the support received

Last March, Pablo was a passenger as his brother-in-law was at the wheel when, at one point, the victim in the case, Juan Hernández, stepped out of his car and approached them. Surveillance video shows the actor leaving his vehicle and punching Hernández, who is seen falling to the ground. Hernández died at the hospital five days later.

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Until last week, Pablo's legal team had been fighting for a dismissal of the manslaughter charge. According to The Miami Herald, his attorneys claimed he acted in self-defense based on the county's Stand Your Ground Law. However, the judge rejected the dismissal request.

 There will be another hearing to review the case on August 22

Police evidence includes emergency calls and witness testimonies – including one, reports Univision, who claims the victim did not provoke the alleged attack – and the story is far from closed. There will be another hearing held on August 22.

Pablo Lyle's attorney Bruce H Lehr told reporters that there will be no further charges filed, and revealed his client's current situation. "He is under arrest, but he can leave the house as long as he's back at 5pm. He has a curfew to stick to," the lawyer explained. "Pablo can not work, for now, he is not authorized to work in the US."

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