Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek shows off her fresh footwork in video for new movie Bliss

The 'Frida' actress shows off her rollerblading skills in prep for her new role

Salma Hayek almost takes a small tumble as she practices her rollerblading skills! Salma is currently on set in Los Angeles filming her upcoming movie Bliss co-starring comedic actor Owen Wilson for Amazon Prime Video. The How To Be A Latin Lover actress is playing Isabel, a homeless woman who has convinced a divorced man (played by Owen) that the reality that they are living is within a small universe (where everything goes wrong) that lies within a much larger universe (where all the good things happen).

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In the video that the Beatriz at Dinner actress shared on her social media, it looks like she is learning to rollerblade and is padded up (because, #safetyfirst). She shares in her caption: “Still getting the hang of it, but getting there!!!” The Mexican beauty can be seen enjoying a spin around the rink before shouting “Ya!” (meaning "STOP!" in Spanish) and getting a little wobbly as she approaches the roller rink’s perimeter. She remarks that she is done for the day, but when her trainer skates over to her, they skate off again so that Salma can keep practicing her moves and sharpening her skating technique and form. You go, girl!

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