Rihanna cricket PE teacher Roddy Estwick reunion

Rihanna gets teary-eyed while meeting up with her former P.E. teacher

The star revealed that Roddy Estwick is a great mentor and always shared invaluable advice

Have you ever wondered what celebrities were like growing up? Where did they go to school? Did they have a lot of friends? Did they get straight A’s or where they usually playing hookie? 

Well… for the most part we are not sure, but Rihanna just showed on social media her gratitude for former P.E. teacher, Roddy Estwick, and it is the cutest video of the day! The two reunited in England during the Cricket World Cup as Barbados took on Sri Lanka to an unfortunate finish for Barbados. But despite the end result of the game, Rihanna and her mentor had plenty to smile about. Take a look:

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Robby Estwick is now the assistant coach for the West Indies team, which Rihanna watched and said: “I came here to see the match and was cheering West Indies to a victory, but I also wanted to see Mr. Estwick. He made a lasting impact on my life, and he really offered great advice to me and many others when we were at school at Combermere. I just wanted to let everyone know what he meant to me in my development and what he did for us back at school in Barbados.” They say behind every great man, there’s a great women… could it be that behind a great women there’s also a great man?

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