Ferdiando Valencia y su familia

Ferdinando Valencia gives a tearful update about his baby son's health

Ferdinando Valencia shared an emotional video about baby Dante's battle against meningitis complications

These have been, with no doubt, very difficult days for telenovela star Ferdinando Valencia and his TV host wife Brenda Kellerman, who welcomed twins Dante and Tadeo on April 29 of this year. The new parents are going through one of the hardest moments in their lives as they face the serious illness of one of their two-month-old babies, Dante, who has been hospitalized twice, most recently due to complications from meningitis.

Ferdinando Valencia and Brenda Kellerman are worried about Dante, one of the twins they welcomed in April

Very grateful for the support and love they have received from family, friends and fans, Ferdinando shared a heartbreaking video on social media in which he bursts into tears, overwhelmed by the situation they are going through, and appreciative of all the help and support they have received.

“Meningitis has caused Dante a lot of problems," said the actor, revealing that the tiny boy is fighting, among other complications, "kidney problems, pneumonia... there are many things." His voice cracking with emotion, he added, "The doctors are being amazing, they are like angels moving God´s hands," he said, praising the work of the team who is caring for his son.

Ferdinando broke into tears while talking about Dante´s delicate condition

He also talked about the process and treatment Dante is going through. Ferdinando mentioned that even though doctors are being very cautious with his son´s forecast, Dante, step by tiny step, is starting to react: “I want you to know his heart condition is much better, also his lungs are doing well. Doctors will gradually reduce the assisted breathing. The hemorrhage is still a problem, but being so little his brain [is still developing], so he has good chances," actor explained through a sad smile.

Ferdinando and Brenda have been praying for the little one and asking friends and fans to include him in their prayers. "We believe all the good things that are coming our way now is happening thanks to your prayers, and we are very thankful for that", the actor said in the emotional message.

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