Director of Edith González's final film reveals full details in emotional interview

Little did she know this movie would be her legacy. Now, in an emotional interview, the director explains how wonderful it was working with her

Even though she was fighting cancer, nothing could stop Mexican actress Edith González. She was full of life and kept working on new projects almost till the end. In 2017, she worked on a film, that unfortunately – without her knowing –would be her last work for the big screen. Young director Luis Bárcenas was looking for the perfect actress to star in his first movie Un sentimiento honesto en el calabozo del olvido. "We were going to start shooting in two months and I was still looking for this key role,"  Luis said in an interview with El Universal. Luckily for him, Edith's closest friend, Lorena Velázquez – who is also part of the cast – thought the role was made for the Corazón Salvaje actress. When the director contacted her, Edith knew all the details and excitedly accepted the offer. 

Edith GonzalezVIEW GALLERY  Edith adored her furry friend Cedric, the dog was a present from family to give her strength in her fight to cancer

In another interview for TV show Ventaneando (TV Azteca), the Mexican director explained that Edith's signed up for the film knowing the pay on offer was minimal, and gave all details of how wonderful it was working with her. "Sadly this was her last movie, he said, "she plays one of the main roles, she is an artist who paints the perfect portrait of someone she doesn´t know. It´s a kind of mystery, so she asks her daughter to find out the meaning of this painting." Luis also added how lucky he felt of being able to work with such experienced actors on his first movie. 

Edith GonzálezVIEW GALLERY Always positive and with a smile, that´s how the director of her final movie remembers her 

The director pointed out that even though Edith was facing very hard issues when they started the movie, she was always super professional. "Working with her was beautiful, because, obviously, she had way more experience than me," he said, adding: "She was passionate about life, she was always smiling, she was willing to go the extra mile, to listen to people´s opinions, she would give us tips, suggest new things... Working with her was really nice." 

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Luis also revealed one of the most special moments that unfolded during shooting: "She had an 11-page-long scene with actress Blanca Guerra. It was done in just one take. That says it all about why they were both on the project." 

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The movie is currently in post production and Luis is looking for film festivals for its release. Hopefully, we will be able to see Edith's final project on the big screen very soon. 

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