Mexican Miss World clashes with British TV host during controversial interview

Mexican beauty Vanessa Ponce de León’s appearance on British TV has made headlines around the world

Since she won the Miss World crown last year, 27-year-old Vanessa Ponce de León has made countless TV appearances and is nothing short of a media pro. But the Mexican beauty faced her hardest challenge yet during a trip to the UK this week, when she appeared on popular breakfast TV show Good Morning Britain with Miss World Contest Chairperson Julia Morley.  It seemed like an easy task thanks to the subject matter up for discussion: the revamping of the competition´s next edition. Unfortunately for the special guests, the show’s host Piers Morgan is well known for being quite opinionated and was not willing to let them go without having his say.

missworldpiersVIEW GALLERY Vanessa and Piers happily posing on the set of Good Morning Britain

The interview got off on the wrong foot when Piers introduced Vanessa to viewers as a model.  She quickly put him right by informing him that her main role is as a charity worker, and she’s extremely proud of her non-profit work. But the controversial journalist was not having it. He replied, continuing. “Here´s my point: I don´t think you should be remotely afraid to accept you are dazzingly beautiful.”

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Vanessa – who holds a degree in International Commerce and a Diploma in Human Rights- firmly and politely put Piers in his place. “We are changing the world,” she said. “We know we are beautiful – and thank you for saying so – but we have a purpose. We all have projects in our own communities. All the girls have them. And there are 140 nations so it’s a huge network.”

Piers kept butting in to push his point of view that the competition was ultimately about beauty and that the swimwear round should not be banned. “Vanessa, you didn’t win Miss World for your thoughts on world peace! You won it because you are the best looking,” he said. “No, it’s because I was the most passionate about my projects,” she retorted.

MissworldVIEW GALLERY  The 27-year-old beauty had the chance to meet Mexican President Lopez Obrador and talk about her charity project 

Julia defended those countries that take part but do not want their women to parade in a bikini, but he interrupted saying: “Well, don´t let them enter then.” He was so passionate in his speech that eventually, the Miss World Chairperson invited him to be a judge in the next edition that will take place in December. Piers was over the moon!

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The interview ended in good spirits as they descended into giggles about the argument. Not only that, Piers jokingly offered Vanessa the job of replacing his co-host Susanna Reid. “Vanessa I think you want a career change, is that correct? Would you like to be my permanent co-host?” He asked. “I think I can handle that,” she replied laughing.

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