Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez's ex-boyfriend Casper Smart is ready to have a baby

The Mira Quien Baila All Stars judge has been posting telling photos on his social media

Jennifer Lopez's ex-boyfriend Casper Smart might be ready for some children! The Mira Quien Baila All Stars judge just posted a sweet (and telling?) photo on his social media account of him cuddling with two adorable children. The star is currently single, but he was recently spotted getting cozy with a beautiful brunette down in Miami. So does this mean he's ready to start his own family. Let's investigate!

Casper Smart©@beaucaspersmart
According to Casper Smart's social media accounts, the dancer is ready to settle down and start a family because he has 'baby fever' Photo: @beaucaspersmart

"What’s better than 1 baby in your hands? TWO!! #happyuncle #babyfever," he wrote alongside the sweet photo. "I should probly get started soon right?" This isn't the first time the dancer hints at his want for a baby. A few weeks ago, he posted another photo with his newborn niece and wrote, "Got to meet my new niece yesterday and if you can’t tell.... I’m in LOVE! I’m starting to have baby fever."

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Throughout his social media feed, the star will occassionally post photos with kids from his family. Although, he is reportedly single, these captions hint that he may want something more serious sooner rather than later. He famously dated JLo, who is 18 years his senior, back in 2011, but ultimately broke it off. “I was very young and selfish. I thought I was ready for a relationship with a woman with kids and everything,” he previously shared.

Casper Smart©@beaucaspersmart
The 32-year-old dancer previously dated Jennifer Lopez Photo: @beaucaspersmart

He also opened up about their relationship and how their age gap affected them. “I was single, she was single. It started out as flirting, then became more than flirting. There was a connection. Neither of us thought it would be more than a fun time and suddenly we were spending time together, we enjoyed each other’s company, there was chemistry,” he said. “I was very young, I was 23 or 24, she was 18 years older, so she was about 42 years old with two kids. But in the moment, everything just clicked. We spent every day together for a year.