Madison Anderson speaks Spanish?

It takes blood, sweat and tears to earn a Miss Universe crown, and Puerto Rico’s 2019 winner put in every ounce of hard work to ensure she did just that. Madison Anderson prepared tirelessly for the country's pageant, focusing on one skill especially: her Spanish. The 23-year-old Florida native revealed in an interview with Pégate al Medio Día for Wapa TV that she put the most effort into speaking the Spanish language more fluently. "I still cant believe that I'm wearing [this crown] on my head,” she exclaimed. “I feel so proud of my process, my work.”

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Madison Anderson honed her Spanish speaking skills for Miss Universe

“It was hard, especially when it came to the language, but I'm so happy with the work I've done,” Madison expanded. She then told the host that she practiced speaking Spanish with anyone she could. “Yes, [I practiced] with everyone,” she said. “With my family, people on the street, even when I needed to order [at a restaurant]. Even things that are so easy, I wanted to practice and it helped me so much."

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When asked if prepping the language was her most difficult task, the beauty wholeheartedly said yes. "Yes, but I'm demonstrating that I’m an example,” she said adding with an inspirational flair "that nothing is impossible. You can achieve anything."

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Looking ahead to her representing la isla del encanto at the larger Miss Universe pageant, she plans to go on perfecting her skill. "I'll keep working on my Spanish," she said. But that's not all! She plans to "continue with my charity cause, domestic violence, and showing my beautiful pueblo who Madison is."

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