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Discover who is behind Miss Puerto Rico's 'warrior' attitude

There’s a noble teacher behind every Queen’s demeanor, and for Madison Anderson it’s her father. Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019’s latest crowned lady revealed that her dad Adam Anderson bestowed so many wonderful traits and lessons upon her growing up. “Thank you for raising me into a WARRIOR, A FIGHTER! Who always fights a challenge with love and compassion,” she wrote to him. “Thank you for teaching me my worth and how to find purpose in everything I do.”

Madison Anderson dad©@madisonandersonberrios
Madison and her father Adam Anderson

The 23-year-old beauty’s sweet note was in honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16. “Happy Father’s Day papi,” she ended her dual-language message with. “Always a daddy’s girl forever and always.” Her love for Dad-am (see what we did there?) was expressed further with a lovely set of photos showing the pair together.

Madison Anderson, Miss Universe©@madisonandersonberrios
Madison was raise by an American father and Puerto Rican mother

The Florida native, who was raised by her American dad and Peurto Rican mother Belinda Berrios, has a foot in both U.S. and Puerto Rican cultures. She has candidly expressed how much family and their traditions mean to her. Among other things, she loves to travel with them and create new memories internationally.

Madison Anderson family©@madisonandersonberrios
Madison learned to be a warrior from her papi

Madison, who will go on to represent la isla del encanto in the Miss Universe pageant, seems to have found meaning in using her platform to fight for victims of domestic abuse. The brillante belleza has a strong passion for social work and has championed the cause of women in need of a second chance. At the pageant, she shared how she spent some time in Saint Kitt and Nevis working alongside women to help equip them with the necessary tools to succeed. She hopes to provide the same support in Puerto Rico, working with organizations such as Hogar Ruth Puerto Rico. Her dad is without a doubt very proud!