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Natti Natasha talks her 'tough' decision to leave the Dominican Republic to pursue music

Natti Natasha knows the sacrifice that comes with living your dream. The Sin Pijama songstress made the move from the Dominican Republic to Miami, Florida to pursue her career in music. “Leaving your country, especially as a woman was very weird for music,” the 32-year-old told Billboard/Honda Stage in her new mini-documentary series. “It was a very tough decision to just go and not know what I was going to expect.” With hit after hit under her belt, Natti has kept her home island close, especially when it comes to creating music.

Natti Natasha opens up about the influence the Dominican Republic has had on her career

“The culture in the Dominican Republic definitely influenced me in the way of how we are,” she said. “We enjoy music in this crazy way. We celebrate absolutely everything.” She continued: “I’m proud of how people are so humble. How they love family, how they celebrate the positive and you really need to have a smile with everything going on and I feel like music is a part of that. Your culture is a part of that.” As the birthplace of Merengue, Bolero and Bachata, and Natti, DR has shaped the Pa’ Mala’s singer’s style of music.

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“They sparked that music in me, you know,” she added. “Just being able to have an ear for different types of genres, made me be able to be fluent in most of them.” After winning a host of Latin Billboards, including 2019’s Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year, Female, and a host of others, Natti’s star is only getting bigger and she’s proud to share it with her home. “I think I’m proud of everything,” she shared.

The 32-year-old said that it was tough leaving her home to pursue her music career 

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“Connecting with everyone, the look in the eyes the vibing, it’s always a happy moment.” Natti Natasha is set to bring the vibes with two of the biggest names in Latin and Pop music. Natti add the “female touch" to Sebastian Yatra, Daddy Yankee and the Jonas Brother’s latest track Runaway, out on June 21.

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