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Eva Longoria, the executive producer of ABC's newest drama series Grand Hotel, spoke to HOLA! USA about the importance for the show to be set in Miami and explained why the series touched her heart in many ways. If you want to know what else made the Hollywood actress and director interested in working on Grand Hotel make sure to watch the full interview below: 

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Production took place both in Miami and Los Angeles, with the pilot episode filmed at Miami’s iconic Fontainebleau Hotel. The series’ cast includes several Latino actors and actresses like Roselyn Sánchez, Justina Adorno, Jencarlos Canela among others and will premiere on the ABC Network on Monday, June 17 right after The Bachelorette, at 10pm (9 central).

According to Eva, “what was important was to reflect the world in which we live in” and she was very excited to work on an upstairs / downstairs story where the upstairs was Latino, referring to how the Latinos in Grand Hotel hold the power within the show's universe.

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