The news of Edith González’s passing send shockwaves across the world. Artists, colleagues, friends and family members gathered together Thursday, June 13 to bid their final farewell to the Mexican actress at the Panteon Frances, west of Mexico City.

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Celebrities like Yadira Carrillo, Mauricio Islas, Sofía Castro, Érika Buenfil, Lorena Velázquez, Andrea Noli and Víctor Noriega were a few of those who joined Edith’s family during the incredibly difficult moment.

Yadira Carrillo, one of the late actress’ best friends, spoke to the press about the last days of Edith’s life. “We never saw her [in a] bad way. [She was always] Perfect. Elegant… earrings, shoes, purse, big smile… Eager to live and to embrace life.” Carrillo added: “If she were here, she would tell us to embrace life, the way she did.”

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Mauricio Islas, another close friend of Edith's, also went to the Panteon Frances to say goodbye to his great friend. The actor said to those present that he and his family would take care of Edith’s widower, Lorenzo Lazo, and Edith's daughter, Constanza. “This was one of the things she bestowed upon us: friendship with her family.” He continued: “She was always a great friend to whom we will dearly remember. I can say that she was happy when she passed away.”

Islas added that they were such good friends that Edith became an important part of his family. “She was a great person with whom I worked really well. Our affection was such that we even became compadres.”

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Lorena Velázquez, who was also very close to Edith, talked about Edith's young daughter, Constanza Creel. “She is too little to understand all this.” The actress added that the girl, who will turn 15 in the next few months, was accompanied by Lorenzo Lazo, her mother’s husband, and her nanny.

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Sofía Castro looked very emotional during the funeral as she spoke about Edith’s legacy. “A woman who was an example of a warrior who lived in constant struggle. A person worth admiring for everything she did as a mother, as a woman, and as an actress, who leaves behind a huge void.”

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On Friday afternoon there was a tribute in memory of the deceased actress at the Teatro Jorge Negrete, in Mexico City, where the actress’ remains were moved, in attendance of Edith's many fans and other celebrities, to pay their respects.

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Last post in Edith González’s profile

Hours after the death of the actress was confirmed, a photo of Edith posing with her daughter was posted on the late actress' social media. Only the artist’s name and the date of her death are captioned.

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