Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is ready for the premiere of her latest series Grand Hotel, which stars her bff Roselyn Sanchez and newcomers Denyse Tonz and Bryan Craig. The Desperate Housewives actress is "beyond excited for the value and story behind the show" and opened up to HOLA! USA about her involvement as executive producer, and told us about the greater purpose behind her role.

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Eva believes Grand Hotel is important not only for the television industry, but minorities worldwide. The fact that this is an adaptation of the Spanish series Gran Hotel and tells an upstairs/downstairs story is also the perfect vehicle for delivering its message. 

The bold and provocative drama is about a family-owned hotel in Miami Beach where the rich and famous come to stay, but behind-the-scenes, there's a long list of debt, scandals, and secrets that are hiding. 

Grand Hotel will premiere on Monday, June 17 at 10pm on ABC. 

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