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Almost two months after Hilaria Baldwin confirmed the sad news of suffering a miscarriage, Alec Baldwin is praising his wife for opening up about the somber and personal situation. “My wife is very self-directing,” the 61-year-old actor told People. “She does what she thinks is right. I have abundant faith in her judgment. She’s a very wise woman.” The mother-of-four first opened up about what she was dealing with on social media when she shared a selfie explaining that she was “likely experiencing a miscarriage.”

The actor praised his wife after she opened up on social media about a miscarriage

The Framing John DeLorean star continued by joking: “If I say ‘Good morning’ to my wife, she gets pregnant.” He added, "A lot of other people, they don’t have the same situation. They struggle and it’s a huge battle for them. My wife just chose to put that out there, because she thought it was part of her whole windshield about her view about health.”

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Back when Hilaria, 35, shared her struggles about possibly losing their fifth child, the yoga instructor received criticism from some for being so open about her fears regarding her pregnancy. However, The Living Method author explained that she spoke out "because it’s something so many people deal with and, as women, we're trained to deal with it silently."

"My wife just chose to put that out there, because she thought it was part of her whole windshield about her view about health,” he said

She continued: "You're definitely not supposed to say anything before 12 weeks. And some of that is because people are superstitious or that's how they feel that they're going to be stronger and a lot of it, for other people, is fear. And I don’t think we have to live with such fear."

The couple are parents to four children and were expecting their fifth Photo: @hilariabaldwin

Alec and Hilaria share their daughter Carmen, five, and sons Rafael, three, Leonardo, two and ten-month-old Romeo. In the months following their loss, the fitness instructor has continued leading her life with plenty of exercise and brought her fans along for the ride of how she’s been easing her body back into fitness.

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“When I get sad, I like to remind myself that sadness passes like a season. I like to look at my blessings, my happiness and always remembering that I have so many more good times to look forward to,” she wrote.

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