For Jennifer Lopez, who recently received the Fashion Icon Award at the 2019 CFDA Awards, discipline and sacrifice are just the name of the game. While ‘the Bronx Diva’ won this prize due to the impact her style has had in the fashion world, her insatiable drive is apparent in every little thing that she does. When  JLo was (obvi) one of the best dressed of the night a week ago with her fabulous two-piece orange ensemble by Ralph Lauren, people were not necessarily surprised to see her abs of steel, left perfectly exposed for the world to see (and covet!).

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Few weeks before her fiftieth birthday, JLo has one of the most enviable bodies in the world. This begs the question - what is her secret? The Dinero singer is not only beautiful; she is also incredibly disciplined. Time and again, we have witnessed her drive and efforts - the triple threat sensation really does make the sacrifices to obtain her sculptural figure.

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To start, Jennifer has been going full force, non stop, since last year after announcing the beginning of her It’s My Party Tour, which will celebrate the best of her music and at the same time, her 50th birthday. In order to make those presentations unforgettable, Jennifer has worked really hard with vocal rehearsals and dance practices. On June 7, in Los Angeles, Jennifer kicked off her world tour that will take her around more than 25 cities, concluding August 9 in North Coast, Egypt.

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Besides the long rehearsal hours, a few months ago Jennifer and her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, joined a fitness challenge and they shed some weight together. The couple started with the ten-day challenge consisting of removing carbs and sugar from their diet. The results? Amazing!

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What are Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secrets?

Tracy Anderson, the singer’s personal trainer, shared to site that her client’s diet is based on a high intake of vegetables and organic food. “The diet is based on a good balance: high-quality protein and high-in-nutrients fresh food. Nothing industrial!”

Plus, Jennifer does not drink a single drop of alcohol, she does not smoke and she also does not consume caffeine. She drinks a lot of water and tries to sleep for seven or eight hours a night.

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