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Camila Cabello's love interest in 'Havana,' Noah Centineo, is the Internet's official boyfriend

Did you know that Noah Centineo is Camila Cabello’s love interest? Well, kind of… Noah Centineo plays Camila Cabello’s love interest in the official music video for her mega-hit song Havana. 

Noah became Netflix’s biggest heartthrob after appearing in the immensely popular To All the Boys I've Loved Before, the flick that launched him into super stardom. Nowadays, Noah is known as the Internet's official boyfriend, and as any proper girlfriend, we have researched the real Noah Centineo in order to see if he’s as good as we think. Take a look:

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He followed up his first epic role by starring in Sierra Burgess is a Loser and The Perfect Date but to no one's surprise, he has been quietly shining behind the scenes for a long time. Fourteen years ago Noah appeared on the New York Times as a Macy’s model, and in 2015 he was part of the cast for the Freeform sitcom, The Fosters —his first big role after relocating to L.A. from Boynton Beach, Florida.

Conclusion? Yes! Noah IS the dream boyfriend and we cannot wait to see what this actor stars in next. Rumor has it that he’s working on multiple projects and on a Twitter post from April 11 he promised “to work harder this year than the last 22 years of my life combined." And what does this mean? 

Noah has been confirmed to play He-Man himself in the upcoming flick Masters of the Universe. Go, Noah!

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