With the fiscal school year coming to an end, festivals and graduation ceremonies are turning up left and right. Dozens of celebrities have shared with their followers tidbits of these important events in which their children have become the main protagonists. And as expected, Jennifer Lopez didn’t let twins Max and Emme’s big day go unnoticed. Proud of her children's achievements, the singer attended an event organized by her kids' school and was surprised to be seen accompanied by her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and by Emme and Max's father, Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez y Alex Rodríguez con sus hijosVIEW GALLERY JLo and A-Rod are often spotted with their kids

A-Rod shared a video that demonstrated the great relationship with his girlfriend’s ex-husband, as well as the cordiality that reigns among the three. In the clip, they are seen the most supportive of their kids and singing along to Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You. Alex, Jennifer and Marc became the children's number one fans.

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The pro-athlete accompanied the video with a funny description in which he expresses that, in short, he isn’t a good singer and that he leaves it to Marc and JLo. "Those who can, do. Those who can’t, sit between two people that can and stay quiet!"

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In addition to the fun video in which The Bodyguard's classic theme song is sung, Jennifer published more images of the festival where her son Max - who's been characterized as an introvert compared to his sister – was one of the show’s big stars. A-Rod published part of the school's event program, and to everyone's surprise, Max's name was featured with special participation for his solo of Shania Twain's You're Still the One.

Hijo de Jennifer Lopez VIEW GALLERY Max was given special recognition for his solo of Shania Twain's You're Still the One Photo: @jlo

This isn’t the first time we see J-Rod at one of their children's school festivals. In June of last year, they attended Max and Emme’s dance recital, where Alex’s daughters Ella and Natasha also participated.

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony y Alex Rodriguez con sus hijos VIEW GALLERY Jennifer, Marc, Alex and their respective kids are one happy family Photo:@jlo

Demonstrating the great relationship between them, Alex and Jennifer released a couple of photographs of these beautiful family moments. Even Alex 'Chase' Muñiz, Arianna’s brother, the oldest daughter of the Vivir mi vida singer, attended the dance recital. Although the young man isn’t Marc's biological son, he loves him as if he were and considers him as one of his kids.

Alex Rodríguez, Jennifer Lopez y Marc AnthonyVIEW GALLERY The three are often seen together for their children's events Photo:@arod

Images of the large family went viral and showed that between Marc and JLo, there is nothing more than a relationship of admiration, respect and affection.

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Recently, the 50-year-old salsero expressed his reaction about his ex’s engagement to A-Rod. In the middle of April, during the Hasty Pudding Institute of Harvard gala, in which he was honored the Golden Sphinx award, Us Weekly approached him and asked him if he was happy for Jennifer and Alex, to which he replied: "Yes, of course."

We must remember the 'Bronx Diva' and Marc were married from 2004 to 2014. Although their marriage didn’t work out, they maintain a cordial relationship, for the sake of their children. They are a great example to follow!

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