Jennifer Lopez and Nappytabs

Jennifer Lopez's creative directors NappyTabs spill secrets behind the 'It's My Party' tour

Jennifer Lopez is throwing her biggest party to date! The triple-threat is embarking on her It’s My Party tour – kicking off June 7 – in honor of her 50th birthday. In preparation, the Dinero songstress has the help of her Creative Directors NappyTabs (husband and wife dancing duo Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo) who promise it’s going to be an experience like no other. “It’s not like your normal show. Literally from the time you walk into the arena it’s a party,” Napoleon tells HOLA! USA. “It’s like coming to her house for a party. You’re eating, drinking and having a good time.

NappyTabs is certain that fans will have the time of their lives while they experience all Jennifer has to give. JLo’s creative directors share all the secrets from prep to the possibility of a special guest. Before getting on the floor, continue reading to get the scoop on JLo’s birthday bash.

Nappytabs spill the secrets behind Jennifer Lopez's It's My Party Photo: Getty Images 

HOLA! USA: How long have you two been working with Jennifer? How did it happen?
Nap: "We’ve been with her a good ten years. She had seen some work we had done on So You Think You Can Dance, and she was a big fan of the show. She called one day and said, ‘I just want to come over and meet and start vibing out dance wise.’"

Is there something you were surprised to learn about her when you first started working together?
Nap: "Yes, I think it was her work ethic. Some artists work harder than others, and she is the hardest working person in the business, and we’ve worked with a lot."

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How much time goes into planning a party/tour like this? 
Nap: "This particular one is about six months out." 
Tab: "We’re approximately doing one act a day, so she comes in, and she’s learning two or three songs a day."
Nap: "It’s a 12-hour day, and she comes in for 8-9 hours a day. That is unlike any other artist. It’s rare for somebody to come straight off of filming, literally go do a one off on a morning show, and then come straight to rehearsal to work on her tour. And doing multiple other things at a time. She’s one of a kind."

The creative directors have worked with the pop star for over a decade  @nappytabs

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How hands on is she with the creative process?
Tab: "She’s very hands on. She’s a visual learner so she likes to see it as we’re building it. She doesn’t begin learning the physical part of it until she knows it’s exactly what she wants it to be on stage."
Nap: "Every piece we build, every wardrobe that’s stitched together, she’s very hands on with all of it."

Jennifer recently shared that the "secret sauce" to having an amazing show is the set list. What would you say is your "secret sauce" for a great show? 
Tab: "It’s got to be the right flow. She has very distinct genres that’s she’s been able to do as a performer. She has a club EDM style. She’s also been able to cross over to Latin. Hip-Hop was her foundation and then being a pop star. It takes you on a journey and then we’re able to build narrative to support the tone of those songs as we put them together. And then her new singles — it’s like where do they fit in."
Nap: "I think a big part too is what’s on the setlist and including all the hits. She would perform for eight hours straight and do them all if we could."

Jennifer's boyfriend Alex Rodriguez showed off his dance moves during rehersal @nappytabs

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Alex flexed his dance skills during rehearsals. Can we expect to see him on the stage? 
Tab: "He’s a backup dancer undercover. I don’t know if he quite has the skills yet to take on his lady on stage."
Nap: "He’s got the heart."
Tab: "He’s got the heart. He’s still on the bench and he’s still warming up." 

Can you sum up the tour in 3 words?
Tab: "Immersive, party, interactive." 
Nap: "I would say it’s what the title is, it’s a party!" 

Be sure to check out Jennifer Lopez's It's My Party tour in a city near you. 

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