Game of Thrones series finale

Spoilers are coming...

Game of Thrones has finally come to end, and it's been quite a season. From the epic battle sequence with the nightwalkers to that time the directors left a Starbucks cup in one of the scenes, there has been buzz around each and every episode. For the most part, however, that buzz has been negative—fans around the world have petitioned for a season 8 do over with different writers—and the reaction pretty much stayed the same for the final episode. 

Game of Thrones aired its last episode on Sunday, May 19 

For those of you who have already blocked out the series finale, here's a quick recap: Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) murdered his lover/aunt Danaerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). Her last remaining dragon, Drogon, flew away with her to god knows where after he burned down the iron throne. Bran ( Isaac Hempstead Wright) was named King of the six kingdoms, while his sister Sansa (Sophie Turner) declared the North, an independent region and will rule as its Queen. Arya (Massie Williams) is on her way to explore what's West of Westeros and Jon Snow was sentenced to live out his days at the Night's Watch. Oh, and Tyrion is once again, the Hand of the King.

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