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Rosario Dawson on going into her 40s with more love and why she's already embracing the future

Rosario Dawson is stepping into a new decade of life! The actress, who tuned 40-years-old on May 9, has questions as she marks the milestone. "I'm curious of what my 40's are going to bring,” she told HOLA! USA. “40's, I mean, I just hear in so many ways you get so much more in your body. I'm feeling that. I’m feeling much clearer about who I am.” She continued: “I think there was still aspects of trying to figure out where I wanted to be versus accepting exactly what I was doing. And now I'm just already feeling it. Just gratitude to just be me.”

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The Rent actress admits that she spent a lot of the prior decade finding her voice. Now, Rosario is hitting the right “notes” in terms of growth. “It was just like, my voice range changed from saying ‘no’ and doing more self-care was better,” she shared. “I hit different moments where I lost that a little bit, and I kind of come back around to it. That's the greatest hits of the 30's, these are still the two greatest things I've got.” Getting older isn’t something that the Cuban and Puerto Rican beauty is afraid of.

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In fact, the mother-of-one is already looking forward to the future. “My friend's in her 50's and she says your brain completely changes and it's because your body isn't necessarily pushing you to have kids or whatever it is,” she added. “She said literally, the chip that's in you that's trying to people please just doesn't function anymore.” Letting go of being “really harsh” on herself is one of the biggest lessons she is taking into this new year. 

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Rosario has learned to turn that voice off – and switch to one that’s more loving. “I feel like that harsh critic, just that voice there has become way more loving and way more understanding,” she said. “I think I've just gone through enough things to kind of just recognize that, I wouldn't talk to someone else like that. I can't talk to myself like that. I've got to be nice to myself.”

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