Gemora Zoe Saldaña

An average movie star spends a couple of hours in a makeup chair before arriving on set, but the prep for the Avengers cast are anything but average. Zoe Saldana, who starred on the cover of this year's HOLA! USA Latina Powerhouse issue, spent more than twice that  in order to transfer into Gamora, her character in the Marvel Universe. Zoe has previously appeared as in head-to-toe blue on screen throughout the film Avatar, but back that was with the help CGI. For Avengers, her incredible real-life look was achieved with makeup and silicone prosthetics.

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Incredibly, the Gamora green color is created with commercially available make up brands, with the first step being the application of primer followed by multiple green-based cosmetics. Zoe and her team used a yellow primer from MAC and one from Makeup Inkz around the prosthetic layer. Then a green MAC base was applied, followed by a green blend of Skin Illustrator – and, amazingly, Aqua Mix – airbrushed onto the skin. Gamora’s eye shadow look is also created with multiple MAC shades, and the nail polish Sinfulcolors and the lipstick is from Kryolan.


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Of course, if you want to try the look yourself, the removal process takes 30-45 minutes! #WorthIt

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