Becky G

Becky G is all about girl power. The 22-year-old singer arrived looking stunning at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards where she wore a beautiful silver gown. Besides dazzling on the red carpet, Becky also spoke about the Latinx stars that are taking over the music industry. This year especially saw more Latinx stars than ever appear at the awards (please see Maluma's duet with Madonna). But the most important part is the girl power movement in the Latinx community, which Becky says is incredibly empowering. 

Becky G talked about girl power during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards red carpet

“There is this incredible encouragement, this movement of girl power that’s been happening,” she told Billboard at the red carpet. “I think within the industry, too, there’s so many women that have wanted to collaborate with each other, but have never really felt the support within the industry, within the press, within the audiences, to say hey that’s ok. And I think we’re breaking down those barriers now." One fellow Latinx artist that Becky has worked with is Brazilian singer Anitta, who she recently collaborated with on the track Banana. "Anitta is just awesome," she exclaimed, adding that both singers have plans to perform in shows in Latin America "very soon."

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Besides talking about women in the industry, the young singer also spoke about the illustrious career she's had at such a young age. “The amazing opportunities that I’ve had in the past to collaborate with so many amazing artists, it just makes me really proud," she shared. "It makes me so inspired for this next chapter in my career. It’s awesome.”

The 22-year-old singer spoke about her collaboration with fellow Latinx singer Anitta

Her latest song Next to you has found great success, which she describes as being "so crazy" because it's reached both Spanish and English markets. “I’ve been living my career in the Latin space for a couple years now,” she says. “But listening to my song on Top 40 radio for the first time in forever was so crazy. It was such a full circle moment for me.

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