Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez and Barack Obama

Everyone is excited that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are getting married, including the former President of the United States Barack Obama. This week, A-Rod stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk all things business, love and that one time Barack (yes, POTUS) left him a handwritten note congratulating him and Jennifer on their engagement. 

During his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Alex Rodriguez revealed that Barack Obama sent him and JLo a handwritten note congratulating them

"The thing is, I’m just a kid from Miami. I have a single mother. I grew up in the boys and girls club. I had nothing growing up," the former Yankees player told Jimmy Fallon, adding that he told Jennifer about Barack's note after they got back from their engagement getaway. "She was equally as excited and it was just so cool," he said. "I wanted to share with the fans because regardlesss of what you think of politics, he’s a great role model, great husband, great father and it was just pretty cool."

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As for the ~handwritten~ letter by the 57-year-old former president, it was actually incredibly sweet. It read: 
"Jennifer and Alex, Michelle and I just wanted to congratulate you on your engagement. After 26 years together, we can say that whatever challenge life may bring, sharing them with someone you love makes it all better. All the best." 

Alex posted the original note on his Instagram:


This means the world to us. #44

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During the interview, Alex also revealed how he practiced the proposal with his assistant before popping the question to JLo. "I planned it for about six months, and the three days prior to me going down on one knee and getting engaged," he shared. "I rehearsed for three days in a row. Because I wanted the sunset to be perfect." 

In conclusion, JLo and A-Rod are thriving. 

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