Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez needed to make sure the sunset was perfectly aligned before proposing to his love, Jennifer Lopez. The pro-athlete, who proposed to JLo after two years of dating last month, admits he was “nervous and excited.” And his desire to have things just right was so strong, he even fake proposed to his assistant, not one, but three times! While on his visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the former Yankees player confessed he rehearsed the special moment for three days straight.

A-Rod didn't want to take a chance and he rehearsed three days in a row prior to giving JLo el anillo 

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"I planned it for about six months, and the three days prior to me going down on one knee and getting engaged, I rehearsed for three days in a row. Because I wanted the sunset to be perfect," he said. The 43-year-old continued, “I had my assistant Ashley with me.” Following the laughs that broke out in the audience, the husband-to-be further elaborated on what it took to get the perfect proposal.


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"One day, the sunset was at 6:27, the next day it was at 6:29, and then the third day it was raining!" he recalled. "So I kind of [decided on] 6:29, and I said, 'This is the time that I'm gonna do it.' And it worked out well." From the sight of their sweet engagement photos, it’s evident the couple’s romantic getaway in the Bahamas was simply magical. However, if like us, you were expecting to hear about a certain wedding date earlier this month, the future Mrs gave the update that they’re way too busy to even begin planning.

Because of their hectic work schedules, the happy couple have yet to do any wedding planning 

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"We haven't started planning yet. You know, we just got engaged!" she told New York radio show Cubby And Carolina In The Morning. "Then right afterwards we started working right away, and we're working the rest of the year, so I don't know what's going to happen. "We haven't decided if we're going to squeeze it (wedding) in somewhere or we're going to wait, so... I really don't know yet..." 

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