Anna Wintour and Meghan Markle

When it comes to signature style, Meghan Markle constantly falls at the top or our best-dressed list. Besides being a member of the royal family since marrying Prince Harry and getting credited for her extensive humanitarian work, the mom-to-be is known for her always chic and polished looks. It’s no wonder Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour gives her style a seal of approval and even thanks her for it! During her appearance at Tina Brown’s 2019 Women of the World Summit, the iconic fashion editor spoke kind words in regards to the Duchess of Sussex.

Anna Wintour admitted she's been thinking a lot about suits thanks to Meghan Markle

When asked about her thoughts on the 37-year-old royal, Anna replied with absolute praise. “She’s really bringing modernity to the royal family in a way that is inspiring,” she said. She also remembered the moment Meghan walked down the aisle unaccompanied during the royal wedding. “I think the image that I have in my mind…the Duchess of Sussex walking down the aisle by herself, that to me was representative of a modern woman.” Yes, Anna! We couldn’t agree more.

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The Condé Nast artistic director went on to discuss her thoughts on signature style and admitted that maybe it’s time to switch up her look. “I think that’s an entirely personal decision...It’s probably an easier decision to wear the same thing every day and not have to be concerned,” she explained. “Maybe it’s a little bit boring and time to change." Her inspiration? She's thinking of taking a page out of Meghan's style book and wearing suits similar to how the Duchess of sussex wears them. "I’ve been thinking a lot about suits recently so…thank you to the Duchess of Sussex!”

During her panel discussion at the 2019 Women of the World summit, the Vogue editor-in-chief also added that the Duchess of Sussex is bringing "modernity" to the royal family

Well, there you go! Meghan is a true fashion inspiration to the world. We've previously seen her sport the classic ensemble at her royal appointments, which have inspired many women to swap dresses for suits in this modern age. Now—surprise, surprise—the world's most legendary fashion icon is finding inspiration in Meghan's wardrobe

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In conclusion, don't be surprised if the iconic editor rocks a chic suit next time you see her. 

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