The city of Paris came to a halt Monday evening as one of their most precious landmarks suffered. The historic cathedral of Notre-Dame, one of the most symbolic sites in France, is engulfed in flames. The French police have blocked off the area and evacuated several groups of tourists, who were there at the time. Meanwhile, firemen are working tirelessly to put out the fire. Based on the latest reports, one of the temple’s spires has already collapsed.

Notre DameVIEW GALLERY Paris' Notre-Dame Cathedral suffered from a massive fire on Monday evening

According to their emergency services, the massive fire - which happens to fall around Easter celebrations - seem to be related to the renovations that are taking place inside the Gothic-style church. Media outlets such as El País report that authorities have indicated the damages at the moment are only materials, and no human losses have been reported. The same newspaper indicates that the fire started in the evening and that it would have started in the attic until it reached and spread throughout the roof.

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Following the disastrous incident, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, canceled a major speech he was planning on giving that evening. President Macron was supposed to discuss measures related to the Yellow Vest protest movement, but due to the severity of the fire, his speech had to be suspended. According to numerous international media outlets, Macron has gone to the area of ​​the accident.

Notre Dame VIEW GALLERY Part of the church's spire has already collapsed

The French leader took to his Twitter account to share an emotional message in which he expresses with deep sadness at seeing this great monument being razed: "The Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris is on fire. The shock of an entire nation. Think about all the Catholics and the French. Like all of our compatriots, I am sad tonight to see this part of us being burned. "

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