Harper Beckham and Santi Baston

Over the weekend, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham got together with their families to celebrate Easter. If you're thinking this meeting between two A-listers could only be epic, then you're totally right! Not only did Eva and Victoria mingle, take boomerangs, and play with bunnies, but their kids also shared an adorable moment together. Scroll for complete cuteness!

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham celebrated Easter together with their families this weekend

Victoria took to her Instagram stories to document Eva's Easter spectacular. The first post featured her 7-year-old daughter Harper Beckham standing back-to-back with Eva, who (fun fact) is her godmother. "Almost as tall as @evalongoria and proud," she joked in the photo.  

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For her next post, the Spice Girls member captured her daughter kissing Eva's son Santiago. "Kisses for Santi," she wrote and added that her daughter "loves him so much."  

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Besides hanging out with each other in all their celebrity glory, Eva made sure to include all the Easter essentials for her party. There were bunnies, confetti filled eggs and did we mention bunnies? Victoria and Eva posed for a boomerang holding the furry animals during the party.  

During Eva's party, her and Victoria posed with bunnies

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Easter is still one week away, so if this was the pregame to the actualy party next Sunday, we're sure it's going to be fantastic! Stay tuned!

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