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Sofia Carson does it all—she sings, she acts, she dances, but most importantly she gives back. And now she's getting recognized for her work by receiving the Los Angeles Ballet Ambassador Award. The former HOLA! USA cover star is slated to receive the prestigious honor on Thursday night at the swanky Los Angeles Ballet Season 13 Gala. 

Sofia Carson will be honored with the Los Angeles Ballet Ambassador Award this year

So what exactly is the Los Angeles Ballet's mission? To "provide world-class performances and provide diverse arts education outreach opportunities throughout Southern California" by raising money for the arts across all California schools. So of course, the 26-year-old starlet is the perfect choice for the award seeing as she studied in UCLA and started pursuing a career in music and acting early on. 

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She previously opened up about her experiences when she first started out, sharing she had to go on 200 auditions one year. "I kept auditioning, I kept writing music, trying to improve my craft every single day, and I think that is what really truly helped me get through it," she said. 

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Another reason why Sofia is the perfect fit for this award is her work with charity. For her 26th birthday this year, the actress decided to swap gifts for donations. “I’ve been working with UNICEF over the last year and the work that they do is truly life-changing," she told HOLA! USA. "I’m so happy to be partnering with them for my birthday this year. We launched this campaign on International Women’s Day because for me, there’s nothing like the force of an educated women. And there are so many girls all around the world who don’t have the opportunity. So instead of receiving gifts or anything, I would love for all of us to come together and donate whatever we can. Anything makes a difference towards the education and empowerment of women around the world."


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If her career trajectory indicates anything, it's that she will continue earning recognition for her hard-earned achievements. She's now signed to Republic Records and Hollywood Records in addition to starring in the smash Freeform hit Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. Her recipe for success? “There’s a certain magic to this world,” she explained. “It’s a combination of preparation—preparing as much as you physically can—passion, luck and a little bit of pixie dust, and timing.”

In the meantime, we patiently wait for what our girl Sofia will do next!

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