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The real reason why Anna Wintour always wears sunglasses

Ever wondered why Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is always wearing black sunglasses? Hint hint: It's not because it's always sunny where she goes. In a recent interview with CNN, the magazine mogul revealed the several reasons she's regularly wearing the pair of sunnies that have become an iconic look through the years.

Anna Wintour and Queen Elizabeth©GettyImages
In an interview with CNN, Anna Wintour reveals the reasons why she always wears sunglasses

Anna has been the Editor-in-Chief of U.S Vogue since 1988, and she has been serving up one look that has made her a style icon. Through the decades, the London-born journalist has sported a pristine-cut bob with bangs and a pair of sunglasses no matter what the event is—last February, she kept them on while sitting next to Queen Elizabeth during Richard Quinn's London Fashion Week Runway Show.

"[Sunglasses] are incredibly useful because you avoid people knowing what you're thinking about," she told CNN. "They help me when I'm feeling a bit tired or sleepy…And maybe they've just become a crutch in part of who I am. But today I really did need them." At the time of the interview, she admitted to feeling a bit under the weather, adding: "I'll be brutally frank: I have been unbelievably ill all week. And, plus, I just had eye surgery, so those are the real reasons I'm wearing them today."

Still, there are moments when she'll opt to leave the eyewear at home. At last year's Met Gala, she was a cardinal dream come true wearing a dazzling white Chanel gown. And her sunglasses were nowhere in sight.

Anna Wintour©GettyImages
There are moments when the Vogue Editor-in-Chief will leave her eyewear at home, like she did at last year's Met Gala

Besides talking fashion choices, Anna also spoke about the current political climate and the importance of having a point of view. "I don't think it's a moment not to take a stand … I believe, as I think those of us who work at Conde Nast believe, that you have to stand up for what you believe in and you have to take a point of view," she explained. "I think it's very, very important to have a point of view, and we profile women in the magazine that we believe in … After the defeat of Secretary (Hillary) Clinton in 2016 (in particular), we believe that women should have a leadership position and we intend to support them."

In conclusion, Anna is basically incredibly relatable and now we're going to buy a pair of sunnies.

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