JLo and ARod vacation in France pose in the Louvre museum

JLo and A-Rod’s engagement is guaranteed to be one of this year’s highlights. The engagement announcement alone, relayed to the world via a gorgeous Instagram post, nearly broke the internet! Besides counting down the days to when the big event will take place and speculating on ALL the details revolving around the wedding - including what dress J.Lo will wear and of course, who will be in attendance - we have started taking a closer look at possible wedding destinations for the happy couple. These are places that the couple has shared beautiful memories in and are well-documented on their Instagram pages.

Where do we begin? The world is their oyster! Considering A-Rod dropped a cool $1.8 million for the ring, money is not an issue for this power couple.

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J-Rod, as their moniker goes these days post-engagement, is well-traveled and owns multiple homes. The pair recently put their NYC apartment for sale. The reason? It was too small for their blended family. A-Rod has always had a special place in his heart for Miami, in fact, the former baseball player is an honorary member of the University of Miami. With JLo a sun-worshipper herself, we surmise that Miami may be a plausible wedding destination! But there are plenty others - watch the video for more clues!

Regardless of the location, we are going to stay tuned for the eventual big reveal!

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