'Good Trouble' star Cierra Ramirez on following in 'Boss Babe' Jennifer Lopez's footsteps and more!

Juggling successful careers in both the acting and singing worlds, Cierra Ramirez is a Jennifer Lopez in the making. The 24-year-old star, who many will recognize from her five seasons on the hit TV show The Fosters alongside Noah Centineo, is marching into the spring with a new pop single. This Friday, March 15, Cierra dropped Liquid Courage (Love Me Better) as both a track and steamy music video, and we’re already playing it on repeat. HOLA! USA caught up with Cierra to chat about the tune, working with JLo and so much more!

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Cierra Ramirez is a superstar on the rise

“I’ve been so excited about releasing this body of work!” she buzzed to us about her upcoming album. And she has a right to be! The first single is extremely fun and even boasts a cool Latin twist. “My first single Liquid Courage is Spanglish,” she said, “and you can definitely look forward to hearing more on my upcoming LP.”


As for her musical influences, she mentioned that she is “inspired by anything that moves” her. “Music really feeds my soul. I grew up on very classic soulful artists, but I’m also really inspired by everything currently on the radio. I love Amy Winehouse and Billie Eilish is my current favorite." She also revealed that she's "always been a HUGE fan of Timbaland," saying: "It would be a dream to have him produce one of my songs!"

JLo, Cierra and The Fosters team during season one

Of course, she is no doubt empowered by the incredible talent she already collaborates with. For instance, international superstar JLo has been an executive producer on both The Fosters and Good Trouble - on which Cierra, is herself now. The budding entertainer has taken away so much from working with the award-winning A-lister.

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“She is a Latina I’ve looked up to for my whole life," she said to us. "I admire how she’s helped open the door for many girls like me and the fact that she does whatever she sets her mind to. She really is the definition of a Boss Babe and I hope to follow in those footsteps!"

Lucky for Cierra, she has the support of her family as well. "They believe in me when I don’t even believe in myself," she said, "I would be nothing without them, their unconditional love or sacrifices." It seems they encouraged her knack for entertaining from a young age, too.

"I always grew up singing around the house and as far back as I can remember I was putting on a show for anyone that stepped into my living room," Cierra told us. "I started singing lessons at around 7, started participating in local competitions and through that, entered an L.A. acting competition that changed my life forever. I found my agent, Thomas! I’ve been with him ever since."

Interview by Alisandra Puliti.

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