Taylor Swift Singing on stage

Taylor Swift is one of our decade’s most popular song writers. She rose to fame as a teenager writing about her high-school heartbreaks and immediately connected with audiences worldwide. Her upbeat blend of country and pop and intimate lyrics made her a near overnight success. 

Through the years, T-Swift has become an influential figure on, and off, the stage. She's stood up against sexual abuse, spoken out about negative incidents in the industry, and referenced personal experiences on her hit songs. 


Taylor believes making lyrics resonate is the key to success in today’s music world. Fans have pointed out how Taylor’s real world relationships line up with her song lyrics. Ex-boyfriends Harry Styles and John Mayer have allegedly been "featured" as the subjects of Tay Tay's hits.

Fans have wondered whether her latest track, Reputation, alludes to Kanye West, and her legal victory over DJ David Mueller in 2013.

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