Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan first kiss

 Gloria and Emilio Estefan are one of this generation's greatest Hollywood couples. The Cuban pair, who have been together for forty years, have dominated both the Spanish and English markets with their talent. And they've got the proof—their endless list of accolades include Grammys, Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, and of course, both were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President Barack Obama. Still, the highly successful couple is extremely relatable. During a live conversation at the Library of Congress, Emilio shared a funny story of what he did to get his first kiss with Gloria.

During a live conversation at the Library of Congress, Emilio shared a funny story of how his first kiss with Gloria went down

When asked by the interviewer whether there was something to tell about his first kiss with Gloria, Emilio bluntly responded with,  “Yeah, I lied.” So let us set the scene: "It was July 4th, 1976," he said. "And I tell Gloria, ‘Gloria, the 4th is my birthday.'" To which Gloria naturally responds, "‘Omg, the 4th is your birthday?'" Emilio then quipped back with, "Yes, yes, will you give me a kiss?" And for those Emilio fans, you know his birthday is actually before Independence Day. "When she gave me the kiss, I told her, “well, it’s March 4th.'" 

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Besides giving people the scoop on his love life, the music producer, also shared some wisdom on the meaning of ~love~. "I don’t believe in love at first sight," he revealed. "I think love has to be with somebody when you make a decision to spend your life with, it has to be somebody you really want to spend your life with." He added: "I’ve been married over 40 years, and it’s been the marriage of my whole life. It’s been unbelievable."

We weren't there for the kiss, but we're guessing it looked a little something like this:

According to the music producer, he lied and told Gloria it was his birthday in order to steal a kiss

That night, Emilio and Gloria were both awarded the Gershwin Prize, making them the first married couple and musicians-songwriters of Hispanic descent to receive the prestigious honor. 

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Check out the video above to hear the whole story from the man himself.

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