Meghan Markle and the queen

Anne Hathaway and Meghan Markle have at least one major life experience in common. They've both been on the receiving end of "royal training."

Anne Hathaway was famously given royal training by Julie Andrews on The Princess Diaries' set, while Queen Elizabeth and her staff gave Meghan her "lessons."

When Meghan Markle went from being an ordinary civilian to a member of the royal family, her life was completely transformed. Her public appearance, behavior and comments were now being put under a microscope for the entire world to see.  That's why the Duchess of Sussex had to get the crash course on being a royal.

Apparently, royal training is quite similar to what we saw Anne's character go through in The Princess Diaries

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Meghan even had to learn to wave like a princess — straight hand and slight movement from the wrist (During one of Meghan’s first public appearances she was criticized for waving too much and seeming too excited).

She had to learn to dine like a princess. Royal protocol dictates that she cannot start or finish eating before the queen.

She also received special training forces and learned the unspoken royal code of what not to wear.

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