Yalitza Aparicio

The Oscars quickly came and went leaving many to wonder what would happen next with Yalitza Aparicio’s acting career. You may recall the 25-year-old, who rose to stardom thanks to her endearing role as Cleo in the Netflix hit, Roma, had zero acting experience prior to starring in Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar-winning film. Nonetheless, Yalitza was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress, and though she didn’t win, she’s still a winner in the eyes of her fans. For this reason, many were excited when she appeared in a new video with Orange Is the New Black star, Uzo Aduba.

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However, it turns out the short clip is a Netflix tribute to all women in honor of International Women’s Day. In the 60-second clip, Uzo begins by asking the question, “Ever been in a room and didn’t see anyone else like you? Have you ever thought you definitely belonged, but were told subtly or not so subtly that you didn’t?” She continues, “The world is full of those rooms, and their limits.” Yalitza appears recreating a scene from Roma next to Uzo just as she says, “Who gets to act and who gets to see their life reflected.”

A few weeks before the much-anticipated Oscars, Yalitza revealed she was taking on a new challenge in Hollywood: to learn English. The Mexican actress revealed in an interview she wanted to continue learning about the film industry and would like to continue acting. 


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As of now it’s still unclear what will be her next acting gig, but surely it won’t be long before she announces what’s next for her acting career. Stay tuned!

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