Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has been whizzing by and crushing musical milestones as if it were no big deal! In 2013 the God is a Woman artist released her first album and rocked the Billboard 200 charts by becoming the first female singer to hold the spot since Adele’s Hello back in 2009. 

Ariana’s second and third album left us wanting more, as these also showed us her unique talent, not just for belting out the tunes and hitting those notes, but for the sheer catchiness of her lyrics. Her songs quickly sneaked their way to the top of the Billboard charts. 

And now in 2019, Ariana has shown she really has no boundaries! The mega singer has become the first female and solo artist to simultaneously hold the top 3 spots of the Billboard 100 charts. The only ones to have held such a record were The Beatles back in 1964! The artist has jokingly posted on her social media that she can only go downhill from here. We seriously doubt that! Indeed, we have no hesitation that the petite powerhouse singer will continue breaking records with her music.

The petite singer has a voice that's larger-than-life, and nothing is holding her back!


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