Lady Gaga extravagant fashion

Lady Gaga has shown she is an incredibly original and unique artist, starting from when her first songs were released. Her music videos and appearances, not to mention her fashion, kind of sealed the deal for us! There is a very good reason why her fans are called the "Little Monsters!" Miss Gaga believes we all have the power to transcend our physical selves by releasing our inner beasts, or what others call, full on beast mode. We agree! But what Gaga has also made headlines for goes beyond her talents and singing.

It’s her style! 

We have traced Gaga’s style and wardrobe evolution. From her infamous VMA raw meat dress to her top designer dresses on the world’s most exclusive red carpets and events, Lady Gaga has constantly kept us guessing. We can never be too sure what she's got brewing for us! Check out her style evolution thus far. 

Lady Gaga's style and fashion transformation constantly keeps us guessing as to what she will cook up next, and it's one of the million reasons that we love her so!


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