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If you're still on that New Year's resolution mode and attempting to hit the gym and burn off those pesky extra holiday calories, you're not alone. And if you're just trying to burn off last night's calories, here's some pleasant news—Colombian superstar (and the owner of the world's greatest hips) Shakira also gets it. According to her latest Insta post, the singer knows what it means to go hard on a cheat day and most importantly, she knows how to burn off the calories after splurging. Interested in her calorie-burning technique? Keep 👏🏼 scrolling 👏🏼.

In her latest Insta post, Shakira revealed how she burns off four plates of pasta

First things first: get yourself to a treadmill. Shakira posted a cute Boomerang video to Instagram that showed her breaking a sweat on the device that should be easy enough to find at your neighborhood gym. 

Next: while you're walking, jogging, or running, please pause and jump as high as you can with one leg bent, while the other is straight. Pro-tip: Hold onto the handle bars when you do this. 

Finally—this is the most important part—when you're jumping, do as Shakira does, and dramatically flip your hair forward because girl, you are a beautiful QUEEN. 

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As Shakira illustrated, this workout should take place the day after you've had a cheat meal – say a burger, pizza or even four plates of pasta—the go-to meal for the 42-year-old singer. "Trying to burn the 4 plates of pasta from last night," she captioned the Insta post.


Trying to burn the 4 plates of pasta from last night! Intentando quemar los 4 platos de pasta de anoche! Shak

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Although Shakira splurged, expect her to be in quality shape soon. She recently shared with fans that she's amping up her workout routine with celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser. While Shakira is doing that, we'll be watching (and eating four plates of pasta) from the sidelines!

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