The relationship between Mexico’s ex-president, Enrique Peña Nieto and the actress Angélica Rivera has always been a topic of fascination for the country’s media outlets. The main reason being that the union between the world of politics and telenovelas made for a perfect fairytale. However, the love story between the former leader and the television star ended last December, according to our sister publication ¡HOLA! México, who reported the news in their latest issue.

Rumors of the couple’s separation had already been circulating towards the end of 2018. However, on January 11, the rumors were quickly shut down after they jointly attended the funeral of Alfredo del Mazo Gonazález, with whom they both had a lasting friendship.

In addition, the couple appeared to be very close and loving during their Independence Day festivities, which was the last time they were seen in public as a married couple. Even during his last presidential speech, Peña Nieto reiterated how supportive his wife had been during his time in the presidency.

Mexico's former president and actress Angélica Rivera have confirmed their separation

"I want to express my deep gratitude to my wife Angélica, for the company, the strength and the permanent support that she has unconditionally given me. Thank you very much Angie," said Peña to Rivera. These words did not foreshadow what was to come four months later.

The relationship they currently maintain is highly cordial. However, they have gone their separate ways, and no longer live in the same home – Enrique Peña lives in Mexico with his three children. The former actress resides in the United States with her daughters.

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In November of 2010, Enrique Peña Nieto, who at that time was governor of the State of Mexico, and the actress Angélica Rivera decided get married. "I am happy with the start of this new life project. Let's make it last ... I love you, " said the ex-president to the soap opera star, after they became husband and wife.

The couple shared their union with the world in the pages of ¡HOLA! México. Their top-notch wedding was celebrated in style in his native country’s Cathedral of the state of Toluca. That day, the bride walked towards the altar in a dress designed by Macario Jiménez.

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Their romance began in mid-2008, shortly after the publicity campaign Angelica Rivera had starred in for the Mexican government. At that time, they had been seen together at various public events. The confirmation of his engagement would be made by Peña Nieto himself, in an interview with a Mexican television station in October of that same year.

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