Alec and Hilaria Baldwin baby

Word on the street is that Alec and Hilaria Baldwin want to have even more kids! The 60-year-old actor recently visited Ellen to talk all things show business and family, revealing the tiny fact that his wife probably (most likely!) wants to have a fifth baby. And to be honest, we're here for it because in case you didn't know, the #Baldwinitos are absolutely adorable!

On Monday, Alec Baldwin revealed that his wife Hilaria Baldwin wants to have another baby. "She wants to have a girl," he told Ellen Degeneres Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros. 

"I think she wants one more," the Match Game host told Ellen Degeneres. "She wants another. She wants to have a girl." The couple currently have four children together—5-year-old Carmen, 3-year-old Rafael, 2 year-old Leo and their youngest, Romeo, who is eight months. "She wants Carmen to have a little sister," said the actor, who also has a 23-year-old daughter, Ireland, from his previous relationship with Kim Basinger.   

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During the show, Alec also revealed that his Spanish skills are somewhat lacking compared to the rest of his family, even including his 5-year-old daughter. "Carmen is fully bilingual," he says. "She leans into her mother and she's like, 'Daddy only speaks English,'" he joked.  

During the show, Hilaria joined Alec on stage and got quizzed on their relationship while playing “Heart to Heart, Cheek to Cheek” Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros. 

After his revelatory interview, Hilaria joined in on the fun and played “Heart to Heart, Cheek to Cheek," where the couple got quizzed on their relationship and proved that they're the perfect match. 

As far as the kids learning Spanish, both parents are making sure the kids learn their mother's native language. "Our kids, especially the older ones, who speak more, are fully bilingual," Alec previously told HOLA! USA. "My wife speaks Spanish in the house and Carmen is in a school which is a full language immersion.” He continued: "The concern and the passion that my wife has—and me too—for two languages is essential. We make the utmost effort. This is a priority for my wife—Spanish is fundamental." 

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