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Actor posts gripping message about deadly tornado striking Cuba

On Sunday night (January 27), a tornado hit Cuba's capital, Havana, leaving three people dead and 172 others injured. The deadly twister wreaked havoc in the city and debris covered the streets all around. Structures, homes and cars around the region were damaged while flooding overtook the coastal zones.  

On Sunday night, a tornado struck Cuba's capital, Havana, killing 3 people and injuring 172 others

According to a government statement, strong winds damaged buildings, causing flooding in the low-lying areas of the capital. Approximately 90 homes collapsed, while 30 others suffered partial damage. Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel took to Twitter to share the news, calling the damage "severe." This is the strongest tornado to hit Cuba in almost eighty years. 

The tornado reportedly touched down with winds of 200 miles per hour and left approximately 2 million people without power and another 200,000 without water. One victim of the storm was Cuban actor Luis Silva, who documented the damage on Instagram and described his experience when the tornado struck land and the weather was strongest. "Strong tornado in Havana," he wrote. "It struck while I was driving with my wife and children and I had to try to avoid fallen tress, floods and strong winds until I was able to get home! We had a big scare."  

Another resident likened his experience to a "horror movie." "From one moment to the next, we heard a noise like an airplane falling out of the sky," Julio Menendez, a 33-year-old restaurant worker told the Associated Press. "The first thing I did was go hug my daughters.” 

The photos captured show the devastating destruction the tornado left on the city

This isn't the first time the island has suffered devastation due to a natural disaster. In September 2017, Hurricane Irma hit Cuba, killing ten people and causing city-wide damage.

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