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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes appearance at Sundance Film Festival – see what she had to say!

Surprise! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made it to the Sundance Film Festival after all. The congresswoman surprised attendees when she appeared via big screen after the premiere of the documentary Knock Down the House on Sunday, January 27. “This is my first time seeing it in its final form,” the New York native told viewers who were inside the MARC theatre in Salt Lake City. “We are still in a mode where it’s all hands-on deck for our democracy.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a surprise appearance at the Sundance Film Festival Photo: Getty Images 

The 29-year-old politician added: “We can do it again, better in 2020. What I want to do in the next two years is to hold the door open so a lot of people can walk through.” After her appearance, the inspiring politician took to her social media to share her reaction to the film. “It was great to be able to watch this at the same time as everyone in there and join you all from afar,” she tweeted.

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“Our goal is to open up the political process to all people, to show what it takes, and communicate that no matter the outcome, you can run as a service to our nation.” Prior to the screening, Alexandria shared that she would unfortunately not be able to travel to the Sundance Film Festival, due to “complications” from the government shutdown.

Knock Down the House is a documentary by filmmaker Rachel Lears that follows AOC, and three other women who challenged incumbent Democrats in the midterm elections. The film follows Alexandria as she made her transition from NYC bartender to history-making congresswomen. “I’m so glad that this moment for all four of us was captured and documented,”Alexandria told the crowd.

The congresswoman appeared after the screening of the documentary Knock Down the House Photo:Getty Images 

"Not just for the personal meaning of it but for everyday people to see that yes, this is incredibly challenging, yes the odds are long, but yes, that its worth it.” Alexandria made history as the youngest women elected to congress. Since then, the politician has moved from NYC to Washington, D.C. to work on making positive changes in the United States and continuing to represent for Latina women everywhere.

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