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Selena Gomez is truly a survivor. The 25-year-old star is back and better than ever. Just last week, she resurfaced after almost four months of Instagram silence. "Last year was definitely a year of self-reflection, challenges and growth," she wrote in her first Insta post of the year. "It’s always those challenges which show you who you are and what you are capable of overcoming. Trust me, it’s not easy, but I am proud of the person I am becoming and look forward to the year ahead." And the year ahead means new music and overcoming new obstacles.  Last night, she and fellow artist Julia Michaels dropped a new track that deals with the plight of anxiety.

After four months of Instagram silence, Selena Gomez is back with a new song titled Anxiety Photo: Instagram/selenagomez

Julia starts the first verse of the song, titled Anxiety, with an allusion to mental health. "My friends, they wanna take me to the movies I tell 'em to f*** off, I'm holding hands with my depression," she sings. "And right when I think I've overcome it/ Anxiety starts kicking in to teach that shit a lesson/ Oh, I try my best just to be social/I make all these plans with friends and hope they call and cancel/ Then I overthink about the things I’m missing/ Now I'm wishing I was with 'em."

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Selena then jumps in and addresses how she feels when discussing her anxiety with others. The starlet references her past relationships and hints that she might not always have been the easiest person to deal with thanks to her condition. "Feel like I'm always apologizing for feeling," she sings. "Like I'm out of my mind when I'm doing just fine/ And my exes all say that I'm hard to deal with/ And I admit it, it's true."

The Back To You singer opens up in the track about how it's difficult to relate to friends who might not deal with anxiety: "But all my friends, they don't know what it's like, what it's like/ They don't understand why I can't sleep through the night/ And I thought that I could take something to fix it/ Damn, I wish it, I wish it was that simple, ah/ All my friends they don't know what it's like, what it's like," Selena sings.


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Selena took to Instagram to celebrate her and Julia's new track. "My sweet soul sister," she wrote in the caption. "Julia you have been a huge part of my life. You have taught me how to have courage when I have self doubt. This song is extremely close to my heart as I’ve experienced anxiety and know a lot of my friends do too. You’re never alone if you feel this way. The message is much needed and I really hope you guys like it!"

Take a listen to the entire song above to get the full sense of Selena's emotional message.

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