Gina Rodriguez

Our girl Gina Rodriguez is once again telling it how it is. During her visit to The View, the Puerto Rican actress opened up about her stunning Time's Up dress, which she wore to this year's Golden Globes and described the organization's goal for this year. She also gave the scoop on her upcoming revolutionary flick Miss Bala (in theaters February 1), and stressed the importance of the film for the Latinx community.

During her visit to The View, Gina Rodriguez described the Time's Up goal for this year

"The initiative for this year was to double the number," the 34-year-old actress said about the Time's Up movement. "You hire one female, hire two. You hire one female director, hire two. The idea that it's that easy to create change and push the needle forward." The Puerto Rican starlet also described how proud she is of the initiative and how much it has progressed in just one year. "The first year was very profound on the red carpet with the women all in black and really standing in solidarity with women everywhere in all industries and making sure that the Time's Up legal fund created resources for those that didn't have them, to make sure they were safe in spaces of work for sexual harrassment and beyond," she shared. "And that brings me a sense of pride to be a part of an organization that really has been contributing. But this year, the initiative was just to double the numbers. It seems very easy, but you'd be surprised when we had not many female directors."

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One project that has seen the positive impact of the movement? Her upcoming film Miss Bala. Not only does it star a female Puerto Rican and consist of a 95 percent Latinx cast and crew, but it was also directed by Catherine Hardwicke, a female director. 

And one thing she urges her fans to do to keep this positive momentum going? Watch and support Miss Bala because only then will the world continue to see change. "We all know what happens when a project is successful because the business says 'Oh now that community is worthy of returning our funds,'" she says. "Seeing this film will be "a blessing for others, my other Latinas and my other Latinos who would like to be the lead as well."

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