President Obama, Taylor Swift mourn Charleston shooting victims

The world was shocked by the tragedy that struck a South Carolina church on Wednesday night and now President Barack Obama and other celebrities are sending their condolences and asking for change. Calling the murders "senseless," the President revealed one of the victims was his friend.

"Michelle and I know several members of Emanuel AME Church. We knew their pastor Reverend Clementa Pinckney, along with eight others gathered in prayer and fellowship, who was murdered last night," Obama said in a press conference Thursday alongside Joe Biden in his first official appearance since the death of his son. “To say our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and their community doesn’t say enough to convey the heartache and the sadness and the anger that we feel."

President Obama expressed his 'heartache and sadness' Photo: Getty Images

Other celebrities like Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon took to social media to echo similar feelings to the President. "Plane landed, turned on my phone, and my heart dropped to the floor," the pop star wrote on Twitter. "Charleston... This is an unbearable loss of lives and innocence." Meanwhile the Oscar winner wrote, "Praying for Charleston and for this country to heal these deep wounds."

Solange Knowles spoke out saying, "My heart is truly with you to the folks who lost loved ones Charleston. My heart is truly with you, world." And John Legend, who performed the hit song for the movie Selma, wrote simply, "Charleston. My heart hurts."

Many others like Chris Pratt, Kerry Washington, Kat Dennings, Beyoncé, Rachel Dratch, Keri Hilson, Rob Lowe and Questlove posted their thoughts on the mass shooting that left nine dead at the historic black church. The shooting has been labeled a hate crime by law enforcement after Dylann Roof, 21, was arrested thanks to member of the public who recognized him and called 911 Thursday.

NBC News reported Friday morning that the suspect has confessed and "almost didn't go through with it because everyone was so nice to him," sources told NBC News.

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