Michelle Obama has been dancing her way across the country in honor of the five year anniversary of her Let's Move! campaign. She already showed off her dance skills on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and now took her turn on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The First Lady took to the dance floor with the talk show host on Thursday to perform “The Evolution of Mom Dancing: Part 2" as a sequel to their 2013 “Evolution of Mom Dancing” performance . In matching pink cardigans and cropped pants, the pair danced choreographed routines centered on chores like the “Getting a bag from your collection of plastic bags under the sink” move.

Jimmy and Michelle showed off their dance moves Photo: NBC

Jimmy commented on Michelle's dedication to the campaign and how she must really love music. “I am always listening to music on my iPod,” Michelle revealed. “That’s the way I settle myself.” Though she wouldn't reveal exactly who she listens to, she admitted her daughters introduce her to new music all the time. “My kids tell me, ‘You don’t want to hear this mom, the language is too bad,’” she said. “And I’m like, ‘What are you doing listening to it?'"

Michelle and Barack's two girls are also trying to get their parents to be a bit more tech savvy. Michelle shared that Malia and Sasha were talking about a group chat on text during dinner and her husband didn't know what that was. "Malia looked at him and said, 'Oh dad, you're so detached," she explained.

But, when the comedian decided to take his turn at poking fun at the President's dancing skills calling a move the "Barack Obama," Michelle shot back with her own joke mocking Jimmy's moves with the "Jimmy Fallon."

The First Lady was on the show to promote her Let's Move! campaign Photo: NBC

The First Lady's campaign #GimmeFive is to promote anti-childhood obesity. “I’m trying to sneak vegetables into anything," Jimmy said of getting his 20-month-old daughter Winnie to eat the nutritious foods. "But there is a sneaky way to do it, like put it in brownies. I don't want to do that.”

Growing up, there was a "no treat" rule if her daughters Sasha and Malia didn’t eat their vegetables. "If you said you were full, you can leave, but you can't come back later and ask for more food," she joked. "A couple days of starvation... they're crawling to the dinner table."

Michelle has also recently launched a new initiative called FNV, a marketing campaign aimed at selling healthy fruits and vegetables to the public with the help of some major celebrities like Jessica Alba, Nick Jonas, Victor Cruz, and Kristen Bell.

Watch the hilarious clip below:

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